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A Different
Kind of War

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The Trajectory

of a Life Altered

Kendall Geneser was at the peak of his profession, with the best job in the United States Navy.  He was a seasoned aviator, and his mission was Adversary Instructor, what the Navy refers to as a “Bogey Driver.”

He was a “bad guy.”  He trained fleet aviators to be the best fighter pilots in the Navy.  In simulated air-to-air combat missions over the deserts of Nevada, he “taught” the good guys how to survive and thrive in the modern-day battlespace.

That is until he began having minor neurological issues. Eventually, those symptoms were diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), thus ending his military career.  His backup plan, that of a commercial airline pilot was also rendered impossible.  He tried a variety of professions.  He had a dream.


Suddenly, that dream had become a nightmare.

GROUNDED:  A Different Kind of War is a story about a naval aviator who finds himself adrift in a world devoid of meaning. Yet, with the passage of time, he managed to find purpose, even beauty, not in spite of MS, but because of it.  Despite dismal prospects and the drudgery of the now meaningless decades stretching out before him, Kendall felt that somehow MS was merely a catalyst to get him to try a different way.  Grounded:   A Different Kind of War is the follow-up memoir to The Gift, released in 2007.  The juxtaposition of both memoirs reveals an evolution of thought and a surrender of this world’s inherently provisional peace for something greater.


"Moving... Courageous... Deeply personal."

Actor, author, and multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner Martin Sheen


"Kendall's story has been grafted into the narrative God has written with his one Word, his Son, who is revealed to us at Christmas. Kendall is now free to offer witness as God asks all earthly fathers and sons (and mothers and daughters)." He calls things by name, opens himself to conversion, suffers whatever it costs to be as present as possible to those whom God has entrusted to him. When good news is proclaimed and God's proposal is accepted as Mary and Joseph each did in their own personal way, then others can likewise locate their own stories within God's saving plan for all humanity."”


William M. Joensen, Bishop, Diocese of Des Moines (Iowa)

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