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MAX CIOUX (Pronounced Max Q) is a pen name for a former naval aviator and a 1993 graduate of the Naval Fighter Weapons School, more commonly known as TOP GUN.  He spent thirteen years in the Navy, and during that time, Max had the good fortune of associating with real heroes.

During his Naval career, he interacted with members of both the CIA and FBI.  His experiences in the Fleet, as well as those in Fallon, Nevada, and San Diego, California, gave him rare insight into the inner workings of these entities.

SILENT PARTNER is a chilling story of greed run amok.  It embroils the Navy, CIA, FBI, DEA, NSA, and, indeed, the entire nation.  It is the debut installment of a story that is thrilling, deceptive, and hard to fathom, yet filled with the boldness and frailties of humanity and its many traits, both good and bad.

Max resides in Iowa with his wife and children.

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What if I told you that the world’s largest drug cartels could deceive a TOP GUN naval aviator into working for them?


LOGAN VAN HOEHN was at the peak of his profession, with the best job in the United States Navy.  He was a seasoned aviator, and his mission was what the Navy refers to as a “Bogey Driver.”

He was a “bad guy.”  As an adversary pilot, he trained fleet aviators to be the best fighter pilots in the Navy.  In simulated air-to-air combat missions over the deserts of Nevada, he “taught” the good guys how to survive and thrive in the modern-day battlespace.

That is, until the fallout from the widely-publicized scandal known as “Tailhook ’91.”  A small error in judgment ended his career.  He found commercial airline work easy but also uninspiring.  He decided that what he really wanted was to be rich.  He had a dream.  All he needed was an “Angel,” someone with seed capital.  He found one.  And more.

SILENT PARTNER is a story about a naval aviator who finds himself unwittingly immersed in the most extensive distribution network of cocaine and heroin in United States history.

At a time when Pablo Escobar was at the apex of his power, the war on drugs had just begun.  Rumors that the CIA was selling drugs on the streets of the United States ran rampant in the wake of the Iran-Contra scandal.

In a war that seemingly has no end, sometimes even the good guys question whether they are the good guys after all.

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