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A Night With Heroes

Kendall Geneser was the keynote speaker for a patriotic celebration of veterans on Saturday, November 12, 2022 at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa. The event, put on by Knights of Columbus Council 12482 included renditions of the national anthem as well as the service songs of all military branches. The Scottish American Military Society (SAMS), presented and retired the colors.

Kendall, a former Naval Aviator, was invited not only to celebrate and honor military veterans, but also to comment on his autobiographical memoir "Grounded, A Different Kind of War." While the bulk of Kendall's story centers on his naval service, a smaller, albeit more important theme centers on the "how and why'' that precipitated his sudden departure from flying fast movers. Most importantly it walks us through the events that led this former Top Gun graduate to a renewal of his Christian faith, a different kind of war indeed.

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