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What if I told you that the world’s largest drug cartels could deceive a TOP GUN naval aviator into working for them?

Silent Partner is a story about a naval aviator who finds himself unwittingly immersed in the most extensive distribution of cocaine and heroin in United States history.

Pablo Escobar was at the apex of his power, and the war on drugs had just begun.  Rumors that the CIA was selling drugs on the streets of the United States ran rampant in the wake of the Iran-Contra scandal.  In a war that seemingly has no end, sometimes even the good guys question whether they are the good guys after all.

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The above review has proffered much speculation in the United States, especially amongst those in the US Armed Forces.  While we cannot reveal the source of the review, we will say that the above review is greatly appreciated, and we would like to thank the Judge Advocate General (JAG) for taking the time to guide us in the intricacies of United States military law.  We would also like to thank the Pentagon for allowing us to post this redacted version of the review.  Most importantly, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Department of Defense source from which this review originated.  We thank them for their service in the United States Armed Forces, and wish them the best in their career and beyond.

Concordis Publishing


“Max Cioux brings us a story that rivals the best action thrillers in recent decades.  His portrayal of a Navy fighter pilot and adversary instructor is both thrilling and on target.  Max brings life to his central character, LT Logan Van Hoehn, through Van Hoehn's relationships, professional successes and struggles, and personal shortcomings. He has created a compelling story of intrigue, drug lords, and CIA operatives. Silent Partner is well researched, entertaining, and full of twists and turns, all of which make it an impossible book to put down.”

VADM (Ret) Tom Kilcline (Ret.)


“In his unforgettable debut novel, Max Cioux presents a new hero, Logan Van Hoehn, whose fall from TOPGUN grace is more extreme than anything he could imagine.  Silent Partner is a gripping story of military politics, high-g action, and hiding-in-plain-sight underworld terror that will keep you turning the pages!”

Kevin Miller

author of the Raven One trilogy


“Silent Partner chronicles the life and (mis)adventures of early 90’s fighter pilot Logan Van Hoehn—not as Hollywood stereotypes fighter pilots but as we really are: fearless and completely in control in most aspects of our lives / hopelessly over our heads in others.  Caught up in the fallout of the ’91 Tailhook scandal, Logan is determined to make a name for himself in commercial endeavors but is oblivious to the mammoth criminal activity transpiring right under his nose. Proud, competent, and hapless… I feel a special kinship with our hero.”

Vincent Aiello

Founder / Host, The Fighter Pilot Podcast
and former U.S. Navy fighter pilot

Max Cioux does a masterful job of creating an incredibly unique story - complex, yet fluid.  He leverages a lifetime of powerful experiences from his personal and professional lives, including time as a world class fighter pilot, to bring Logan Van Hoehn to life in a way only someone with Max's background could. Great work!

Ben Griffith

U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1987




“A fast, fun read!  Silent Partner has it all, including intrigue, twists, and turns.  Required reading for Rapp and Reacher fans!”

John Bede
Boeing 767 Captain




“Silent Partner is a thriller that blends a Navy fighter pilot backstory with a family man who unwittingly tangles up his business with shady investors.  The deeper Logan drills into his suspicions, the worse it gets until he’s calling in markers from his fellow military veterans and battling one of the biggest bad guy organizations in the world.  Told with Tom Clancy-style scene-hopping alacrity, Silent Partner is a well-crafted thriller that keeps the pages turning.  Enjoy the read."

Loren DeShon
Former F/A-18 pilot, retired airline pilot,
and author of
Redemption on the River




“I am more of a short story and autobio-bio person when it comes to my reading choices.  Thriller novels reader never really interested me! Silent Partner by Max Cioux has changed that.  The book held my interest throughout, and his masterful tying together all of the sub-stories together is a credit to Mr. Cioux’s storytelling ability.

The story of this Navy fighter pilot unknowingly becoming involved in the Columbian cocaine/heroin trafficking business is one that will fulfill the appetite of the ‘thriller reader’ and whet the appetite of someone who is looking for a well-written diversion from their present reading genre! Thank you, Max.  Looking forward to your next venture!”

Mike Grzybowski

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MAX CIOUX Interview


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