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Brian Spielbauer is a former college basketball coach and Director of Athletics.  He released his first book in September of 2017.  Entitled Tales of Lemuria: The Demon's Chamber, the book chronicled the adventures of Tegan and Telon, brothers of a slain dwarf king, and the final days of a once great land called Lemuria.  The second and third installments of Tales of Lemuria, entitled The Three Charms and The Child King, were published in 2018 and 2019.


Even before the final release of the fantasy series, Brian began working on his first historical fiction book.  Entitled, The Legacy of Faith:  The Journey, this first book in a series traces the immigration of several of his descendants to the community of Guttenberg, Iowa.  These family stories, handed down from generation to generation, have been largely verified by the work of several stalwart family researchers.

Brian enjoys writing and telling stories, helping others in many ways, and he also enjoys a perfect tomato sandwich.  He enjoys well-timed humor and and interesting characters, and tries working those things into his stories, whether fiction or nonfiction.

Brian resides in Fayette, Missouri with his wife, Jennifer, and their two daughters.

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What would you do if you found out a major secret from your family’s past?  And what if that secret was that your direct ancestors were the legitimate heirs to a European throne?

The Legacy of Faith: The Journey is a story about the travels of four families from central Europe in the mid-nineteenth century to Guttenberg, Iowa.  During this time, millions of German immigrants came to America due to the oppressive government, repeated wars, and yearly flooding that continued to ruin crops and lives.

The Tschohl family, Mathias Rohner, George Spielbauer, and Mary Pankraz all had their own reasons for fleeing to America from 1855 through 1871, and one of them hoped to leave the secret of their past behind them as they started over in the new world.

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