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KENDALL GENESER is a writer and an entrepreneur. He is a former Naval Officer, Stock Analyst, Risk Analyst, and Insurance Agent. He is now an author and member of Team Concordis. He will release or re-release seven titles in the next five years.


Kendall flew the F-14 Tomcat in the fleet and has logged 332 carrier landings. Kendall was a successful adversary / instructor pilot where he flew the F-5E Tiger II and the F/A 18 Hornet. He ended his flying career with more than 2100 flight hours. He holds an MBA from the University of Iowa. He and his wife (Sherri) live in central Iowa. They have two sons, Nick (30) and Alex (27).

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The Trajectory of A Life Altered

GROUNDED is a story about a naval aviator who finds himself adrift in a world devoid of meaning.


Yet, with the passage of time, he managed to find purpose, even beauty, not in spite of Multiple Sclerosis, but because of it.  Despite dismal prospects and the drudgery of the now meaningless decades stretching out before him, Kendall felt that somehow MS was merely a catalyst to get him to try a different way.


GROUNDED is comprised of two memoirs separated by over a decade.  Their juxtaposition reveals an evolution of thought and a surrender of this world’s inherently provisional peace for something greater.

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GROUNDED is more than what is written in the description above.  Much more.  There is something in this double memoir for everyone.


Slated for release on Veteran's Day 2021 (November 11th), GROUNDED: THE TRAJECTORY OF A LIFE ALTERED will be distributed worldwide and will cast a giant net, surely ensnaring a wide range of acclaim.  Concordis Publishing has several Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) available by request.

















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